January 1, 2009

Christmas Cookie Tradition

Our family has pretty much always made Christmas cookies. We used to do more sugar cookie cut outs and decorating when we were younger, but over the last couple years our interests turned to decorating gingerbread men and women. Now the traditional gingerbread cookie ansemble would consist of a white powdered sugar frosting, red hots, and raisins for eyes. A couple years back my sister and I thought we would jazz up cookie decorating by giving the gingerbread men and women clothes. Ever since then, our traditional family cookie decorating was turned upside down but in a good way. Here are some of the unique cookies we decorated this year.

Even my nephew Logan looks forward to decorating cookies every Christmas. He is getting very good and even created a Hulk gingerbread man.

Some of our favorites this year were the sumo wrestlers, girls in bikinis, a hula girl, tuxedo, man in lederhosen, and my sister's very special Elvis gingerbread man. She even got the curled lip part right! I think this is a great family tradition.

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