February 15, 2009

New Craft Space Update

Well it has been just a little while since I updated the status of the new craft room. In only a few weeks we insulated, wired, and I came last week to find my dad and uncle putting in lights. I am so excited. We just hung out first wall with drywall. I never thought it would be so exciting, but seeing it all come together is amazing. The only hard part is not getting to stamp, but it is worth it to put away my stuff for a while in order to have a beautiful and relaxing space just for me.

Woo hoo! Blue walls are much better than gray concrete ones.

All the can lights are in. This is a big improvement from the two light bulbs I had illuminating my craft space.

The first sheet of drywall! It's really happening!

One wall is finished. Things are really starting to come together! My dad is a rock star!

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