September 27, 2009

Baby Austin Update

We've had friends ask how Baby Austin has been and that they want to see some new pictures. Well I love my nephew and I love to take pictures of him. For whatever reason, I love to get in his face with the camera and take extreme closeups. Sometimes this works out well for me, sometimes not! Austin has been in his leg braces for about 2 months if not more. We like to call them his magic shoes. When he first got them he cried bloody murder for about 2 days straight, but now he is pretty used to them. Soon he will only have to wear them during naptime and at bedtime. He is getting so big already and is almost 7 months old! He's growing up fast!

Austin with his "magic shoes."

Fingers are always in his mouth.

Such a sweetie!

One of my favorite pictures ever! A happy little guy!

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